Design of the National Forest Information System


As part of the ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES PROJECT (ESP), funded by World Bank with  main beneficiary the Albanian Ministry of the Environment, Mr. Carmelo Attardo was appointed  to design the National Forest Information System. One of the objectives of this project was to share the European "best practices" concerning forest management, PEFC certification, collection and management of IT data in these areas. Among  these, the Trentine experience was selected as the most interesting and of a reference for the  Albanian Ministry.

During these two days in Trento, the Forestry Service, Pefc  Italy and the Order of Agronomists and Forests of Trento, have been on disposal of Albanian delegation to show their best forestry and territorial management practices.

As representatives of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Albania were the following officials / executives of the ministries: Mr.Ylli Hoxha - Director of Forest Protection and Treatment Directorate at MoE, Mr. Kliti Starja – Forest Monitoring and Management Director at National Agency of Environment, Mr. Preng Prenga - Head of Cadastre and Municipal Forest Sector, Ms. Ardiana Sokoli - Director of European Integration and Coordination of Projects at MoE, Mr. Sokol Bezhani - Head of GIS Sector at GIS Department, Ms. Ervina Gjana - ICT Expert at GIS Department at National Agency of Environment,  Ms.Aida Tafili - - Forest Cadaster Specialist at MoE, Ms.Valbona Simixhiu - ESP PMT GIS and Database Consultant and Mr. Erion Istrefi - ESP PMT Coordinator.

Interventions at the meeting of Mr. Alessandro Wolynski- Director of Planning and economic forestry in the Province of Trento, of Mr. Francesco Caprioli Trilogis - Project manager SIGFAT, of Mr Angelo Carriero Consultant - Expert on STEM, Mr. Francesco Dellagiacoma - Vice President at PEFC, Ms. Caterina Gagliano consultant - Expert on SIGFAT, Mr. Nicola Giuliani Trilogis - Vice President, Mr. Federico Giuliani Studio 3e, Mr. Nicola Svaizer JLB Books, Mr. Claudio Maurina President of the Order of Agronomists and Forests in Trento , have described  and gave a clear reality of the forestry and environmental situation of the Autonomous Province of Trento. Some of the most effective and innovative IT tools used by public administrations and professionals of the sector were the SIGFAT computer platform for the management of forestry plans , the STEM system for mass simulations of standing plants, JBOSK for the measurement and cataloging of the felled timber and the SMART FOREST system (proposed by Trilogis, Studio3e and JLB Books).

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