LEADER Grants’ Awareness Campaign


The implementation of LEADER Approach has already begun in the three selected pilot Municipalities of Has, Kolonja and Puka.

In support of the Local Development Strategies (LDS), LEADER Grants/SEED Funds have been allocated in the total amount of 37,800,000 ALL. This fund will be available through the process of applications in the 3 respective Local Action Groups (LAGs).

So, on January 7th, the Call for Project Applications was announced for LAG "Pashtriku and "Green Kolonja", which will remain open until 28 February 2019.

Meanwhile, the Call for Applications for LAG "Puka" was announced on January 30th and will remain open until 20th of March. The calls have been published in the official website of Environmental Services Project and are also being announced on the local TVs and in the official websites of these Municipalities.

Since this initiative is not only an innovative tool, but also an important step supporting regional sustainable development, and an engagement possibility for the community members of these areas, it was necessary to carry out an awareness campaign with the aim of facilitation as well as transmitting of these calls for projects’ applications closer to the potential beneficiaries.

Project Management Team of ESP in cooperation with the involved structures of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, and with representative of EuroPartners Development organisation conducted a series of information and training activities with the community of these areas as well as other involved stakeholders. 

Thus, the campaign began at the Municipality of Has with the meeting held on 22nd of January, where many participants represented civil society, Regional Agriculture Agency, LAG members, farmers association, environmental protection and tourism development association, specialists from the Municipality, Forestry Inspectorate, business and private entities. During the event, participants were provided with some materials and with LEADER Grants Operational Manual.

The meeting in Kolonja took place on 24-25th of January, in which there were also participants from the aforementioned parties, who discussed the ideas of priorities as stated in the LDS, and the proposals for applications  with the procedures  to be followed.

The third meeting which was held in Puka, on 6-7th of February, successfully closed the first phase of LAGs Awareness Campaign, which will be followed by a second round of meetings considered as "Help Desk Day". During those days, the ESP MT will intend to guide /assist potential applicants in each LAG with the required procedures to apply and clarify any questions marks on the application process and project proposal writing. The meetings are scheduled to occur during February/March, close to the end of the calls and after we will have a preliminary estimate of the interest shown by the LAGs potential applicants. Meanwhile, ESP MT/ MoTE as Implementing Authority of the grants will be coordinating and monitoring the process until the next step of evaluation and selection phase. 

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