The first registration of forest and pasture


In respect to the activity of first registration of forest and pasture type of properties, Ministry of Tourism and Environment supported by the Environmental Services Project, have organized a meeting in Kolonje on March 18, 2019, led by Minister Klosi where to present the results of the process, the status of registration and the foreseen activities in the upcoming months until the end of the assignment.

All stakeholders in Korca region have been invited to participate in the meeting including the high officials, such as Korca region prefect, Kolonje and Korce municipalities’ Mayors, and Kolonje IPRO Registrar. MTE staff including the representatives of the Environmental Services Project, first registration Contractor, Kolonje municipality forest staff, forest experts of Regional Agency for Protected Areas, community representatives, etc., were also participating in the meeting.

The meeting served as a promotional activity of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment on the importance of registration process through support of Environmental Services Project and its importance regarding the formalization of forest and pasture properties usage and management under the ownership of municipalities.

The steps followed and the technicalities of the process were introduced by the first registration contractor, where the obstacles which accompanied the process, and particularly the disputes in between adjacent municipalities for several interest areas were also enhanced by the Minister of Tourism and Environment, with the subsequent given support by the MTE until reaching the agreement between the municipalities with the purpose of approving the updated lists of inventory for the amended CoM decree on the forest and pasture properties transfer to municipalities.

The meeting was concluded with Mr. Klosi handing over the first ownership certificates for forest and pasture properties to Mayor of Kolonje municipality.

  • Region:

    • Korce